Immerse yourself
in the mystique

Witness the magical ancient Russian art of quick costume change illusions, coupled with show stopping, raw and authentic latin-american dancing. Experience an astounding ride of colour, energy and magic, as Gavin and Lydia transform themselves and each other in seconds, right before your eyes.Their magical costume transformations will take you from the rings of a Spanish bull-fight, to a Latin club in Miami, and over to a romantic scene of a James Bond film... just to name a few.

"An amazing and
beautiful act!"
- Siegfried and Roy

Show packages


Produced for the biggest WOW factor and highest impact to engage, mesmerise and leave a lasting impression on corporate audiences.  This is a 10 min production containing over 14-16 mind-blowing transformations.  

Soul Mystique is constantly updating these shows with their latest transformations, plus their signature favourites – as seen onTV.

These shows have won Soul Mystique a place in the World's Top 10 Magic Acts on Foxtel Bio Channel and are also a favourite with event producers in the international corporate scene. Customisation may be available upon request.


Fast, snappy, and straight to the point. These shows are jaw-dropping and produced for highest impact within restricted air-times.  Soul Mystique does this by working closely with show producers to identify and recommend the best options for their audience type.  

Soul Mystique’s TV appearances have historical track records in pulling in ratings for TV shows across the globe from Japan, Germany, and Australia.


A magical journey that will take theatre audiences into the world of Soul Mystique where dreams can come true.  This is a full-blown production of colour, energy, and magical transformations – weaved in a story-line that will take audiences on a rollercoaster ride.

Soul Mystique’s headline theatre show is 50 mins and features over 45 costume transformations.


Event and Show Producers around the globe have engaged Soul Mystique to take their events to the next level with customised shows.  Gavin and Lydia will work closely with you to produce a tailor-made show specifically for your event.  With a little foresight and planning, they can incorporate elements into their show to enhance your branding.  

These include logo reveals, themed costumes, colour specific finales, CEO or MC reveals.  Be inspired with some of their past projects below.

Customised shows

Event and Show Producers around the globe have engaged Soul Mystique to take their events to the Next Level with customised shows. Produced by the masters themselves, Gavin  and Lydia will work closely with you to weave customised messages into a show, specifically for your event that will blow your audiences away. With a little foresight, planning, and enough time, they can build and incorporate the following elements into their show which will further spark excitement.

  • Your logo to be revealed on their costumes or props
  • Themed costumes to be featured
  • A colour specific finale that matches your theme or logo
  • your CEO to be revealed

as seen on global television