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TRIKSTARS... A treat for Melbourne!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Soul Mystique will be performing live in Melbourne next month in TRIKSTARS along with international celebrity acts direct from AMERICA'S Got Talent, Guiness World Records, NBC World's Greatest Magic V...just to name afew. One week only at Her Majesty's Theatre in September! More info here :

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Soul Mystique - GRAND FINALIST of AGT 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

THIS IS IT!!! If you missed it tonight, Soul Mystique made it to the TOP 8 Acts in Australia and once again, secured a spot in the Grand Finals of Australia's Got Talent. They performed their favourite show DIAMONDS! which has been many years in the making and features a very special finale change that has never been done before by any other quick change artist in the world. This change will BLOW YOUR MIND! 

They are now battling it out in this tough competition consisting of mainly SINGERS & BANDS to win AGT 2012! In a competition like this with such diverse talents, it's all going to be down to audience support! 

Watch Soul Mystique in DIAMONDS! here.

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Asian Geographic 'The Read' Magazine - July 2012 Edition

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Asian Geographic 'The Read' Magazine - July 2012 Edition - Soul Mystique's story was published in a beautiful 8 page spread to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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Yahoo News 'Stupefying Quick Change Routine of the Season'

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yahoo News 'Stupefying Quick Change Routine of the Season'

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Soul Mystique - makes the Top 3 on AGT 2012!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a killer Live Decider it was last week on Australia's Got Talent 2012! The winner of AGT was announced, and for those of you who missed it, Soul Mystique made it to the top 3!

We were stoked with this result, as the competition was tough this year with great support for Singers and Song writers. We were even more stoked that Soul Mystique was the only visual act left standing in this competition of such diversity, and also, as judge Dannii Minogue said "Lydia! The last girl standing on stage!".

Re-watch Soul Mystique's AGT Performances here :


Themed for the Action Adventure hungry audience, Soul Mystique performed over 10 mind blowing costume transformations with music from the sci-fi soundtrack MATRIX, mixed with cheeky & unexpected interludes. In between pyros, smoke, & machinery - Gavin's funky costume transformations consisted of a mind blowing newspaper change, a hilarious ladies outfit, to a classy fully black diamond trench coat. Lydia showcased her latest creation of the world's first ever QUICK CHANGE BOOTS, coupled with hot pants, & a range of colourful attire.


Inspired by the Hollywood Blockbuster film ‘Burlesque', this show was 6 months in the making. Soul Mystique performed over 13 costume transformations of cheeky corsets, gangster suits, feathers and fans. Soul Mystique performed a ‘first in the world' of rapid changes while sitting down!


An act 16 years in the making Soul Mystique unleashed a double whammy confetti change, never been done by any quick change act in the world before. Quoted by Yahoo TV News as ‘Soul Mystique's most stupefying quick change routine of the season!' this performance made headlines in Romanian & Japanese news 48 hours after it was aired in Australia!

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Soul Mystique in Burlesque! - AGT Final Showdown

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soul Mystique - blew audiences away on the Final Showdown of Australia's Got Talent last week with their brand new show 'BURLESQUE'. "It was 6 months in the making & our costumes, props, music, & choreography were inspired by the movie 'Burlesque', starring Christina Aguilera & Cher. We loved the story of this small town girl Allie (played by Christina) & her dream to make it on stage in the big scary city of Chicago. Despite getting knocked back in every direction, Allie hung on to her passion, worked hard, & pushed through all barriers until she got noticed. She finally made her dreams come true in the 'Burlesque Lounge'. We hope our show inspires everyone out there with a passion to just keep persisting in doing what you Allie. Dreams can come true." Lydia and Gavin. 

Soul Mystique made another record of being the first in the world to change while sitting down! Watch Soul Mystique in Burlesque.

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Soul Mystique makes top spot in AGT Finals

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soul Mystique has won a spot in the FINALS of Australia's Got Talent 2012. Hold on tight as Gavin and Lydia have another new show up their sleeves for you! "Thank you Australia! 

YOU voted us back & we are so excited for the finals now. This competition has brought out so many amazing people around us & we are so humbled by the love and support from you. We can't wait to give you more." xo Gavin & Lydia

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MATRIX with a TWIST - FIRST in the world Quick Change Boots!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Soul Mystique - has once again taken the art of quick change to a whole new level. They made history as the FIRST ever artists in the world to perform Quick Change Boots in their brand new show 'MATRIX with a TWIST' on Australia's Got Talent 2012 Semi-Finals. The shocking transformation of shoes was Lydia's genius creation which took 6 months to create & perfect in a flawless performance. In and amongst flight & explosives - Gavin also performed an array of brand new mind-blowing changes including a sexy Cuban Pete number (legs and all!!). The RETURN of Soul Mystique, on AGT 2012 has once again blown audiences away in Australia and world-wide. Can they make it to the Finals in this competition? Stay tuned & keep supporting them to see more! They have so much more to offer!

Watch Soul Mystique in 'MATRIX with a TWIST'

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Back on Australia's Got Talent 2012!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Soul Mystique is back on Australia's Got Talent 2012! Having made it to the Grand Finals in season 1 2007, we are now back to show you what we have been working on. This time, we are pushing our boundaries to re-create ourselves, and do things which have never been done in the world of Quick Change. We hope that you will love the EVOLUTION of SOUL MYSTIQUE, and you will get behind us and VOTE us through to take it out! 

Soul Mystique AGT SEMI-FINAL Performance to be aired on Channel 7 : Wed, 6 June 2012, 7:30pm (AEST) Australia

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MX Magazine : Dec 2011 Issue - Soul Mystique's Dress Creation for Christmas Charity

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Soul Mystique has designed and created an amazing dress for one of Australia’s biggest retailers this year, in support of a Christmas charity - The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. This iconic dress, hand-made and worn by Lydia herself, made the front cover of MX Magazine! Quoted as a 'piece of art', it weighs a ton! It is bare backed with a full length peakcock shaped skirt, and is held together by 2kg of Kmart Wishing Tree Tags and Swarovski Crystal Shoulder Straps. The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gives the community a chance to play Santa to underprivileged kids. To our Australian friends, pick up a Tag and place a gift under a Kmart Tree this Christmas. You'll put a smile on a child's face.

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