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That's Life! Magazine : Issue 46 - Nov 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

That's Life! takes a look at Soul Mystique and 'where they are now' since they made their mark as one of Australia's favourite acts on Season 1 of Australia's Got Talent. This hit television show starts it's sixth season next year and That's Life finds out what their past favourite acts have been up to. 

ARTICLE : "I never imagined my passion for Latin dancing would become my career. But when I met Gavin, an amazing dancer, we formed a team, Soul Mystique. As they say, practice makes perfect and we became so good we secured gigs performing on cruise ships. 

During one trip, a magician mentioned we should incorporate something called Quick Change into ourroutine. It was an art form practised mostly in Europe and just like magic, we'd change costumes in seconds during the routine. The idea is for the audience to be baffled as to how it's done so quickly, in front of their very eyes. 

It sounded spectacular and we immediately started the gruelling task of learning the art. In 2006, we were asked to audition for a brand new show called Australia's Got Talent. We had no idea what to expect but when we got on the show and performed for the crowd, it felt amazing. The judges were dying to know the secret behind our cosume changes but they never found out. 

Our career took off after this show. We were in high demand to perform at events all over the globe and we still are five years later...We have been performing together for years and we're just as passionate as ever. A couple of weeks ago, Gavin proposed. That means in the future we won't just be partners on stage, we'll be partners in real life too!"

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Soul Mystique on Australia’s Got Amazing Talent - Tonight!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Channel Seven’s Australia’s Got Talent has been the nation’s number one variety show for five years, and to celebrate, Seven has compiled a three-part special, Australia's Got Amazing Talent, that recaps and reflects on some of the highlights of the show. Showcasing the most appealing performances of the series – Soul Mystique will again capture the imaginations and hearts of viewers across Australia. 

“It's going to be fun to sit back tonight and watch all the acts that have made their mark on this show!”

 People still remember Soul Mystique from Season 1 in 2007, when they gobsmacked the nation with their unbelievable high speed costume transformations, and blitzed their way to the Grand Finals. Since then Soul Mysitque's shows have evolved to encapsulate suspense, drama, love and passion while showcasing exquisite costumes designed by Lydia. 

They have performed in over 60 countries, from live theatre, charity, to high profile corporate events. Their audiences have ranged from high society A-listers and celebrities such as Geoffrey Rush, Shirley Bassey, Nicole Kidman and The Arsenal Football Team, delegates of World Congresses, finance, government, fashion, technology, sporting, luxury cruise lines, to third-world under privileged Children. 

Catch Soul Mystique tonight on ‘Australia’s Got Amazing Talent’ airing on Channel 7, Australia, 8:30pm.

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